If the product You bought with us is non-coformable within the legally prescribed time limit, before sending the product itself, fill out the online complaints document.

We emphasize that it is mandatory to fill in all fields.

After sending the form, the return message will be forwarded to You to the e-mail address You entered so please check the e-mail address You are referring to.

You will be notified of a sent request for a complaint in writing or by electronic means no later than 8 days from the date of receipt of the complaint.
You will be notified about the receipt of Your request by phone or by an e-mail under which number Your request is filed.
Accepted complaints will be settled in accordance with Your request, proposal and within the prescribed deadline of 15 days as well as for more complex technical products for 30 days.
The costs of sending the goods to the service are borne by the seller as well as the costs of delivering the goods from the service to the customer.